RSI Got Aloha Recap 2013

RSI Got Aloha Recap 2013

A large, ginourmous, thank you is owed to everyone that has ever supported us! Especially those that came to our release party on September 25th. The night still seems unreal, and I’m seriously waiting for someone to pinch my cheek and wake me up. Everyone that took part in our release party, from attendees to participants were part of something unique, rare, and special. Something I’ve been dreaming of happening since early days in High School, and it came true. All of us (RisingSons Independent) won’t be performing together like that on stage for a very long time, possibly never, it just depends on whether or not we release another compilation. So when I say that the RSI Got Aloha release party was a rare treat for everyone that made it to the event, I was telling the truth. We hit all our goals, passed all expectations, and to say the least we are happy. Thank you to everyone that bought a shirt and/or a CD, all your support is tremendous and helps us create even bigger, better events and now…. music. All of our events can’t happen without you, the performers, the visual artists, and of course the amazing team behind RSI that believe in a vision I’ve dreamt of when I was 12.

If you haven’t gotten yourself a T-Shirt make sure to stop by our shop and get one there. With less than 20 shirts left, they are bound to go soon, and once they are gone, we are sticking to our word and we are not making anymore.
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Thank you for celebrating with us for our Album Release/Website Launch Party, and being by our side during these amazing travels. Let’s see what this long bumpy road has in store for us next……

Blake (Analog Dive)