“I felt like I was part of the music…so I added M to the end of my name. I speak the truth as I see, life as I know it… I think that in itself leads the way, much like an anthem is supposed to”

The youngest of three siblings; Anthony Hernandez always found himself to be of a dual nature. The shy chubby kid in the background one minute, and the loud entertaining clown the next. At a young age he found ways to both disappear and stick out. Raised by a single mother growing up a latch key child allowed him time to explore his curiosities and find ways to think for himself. Always questioning those with authority he found ways to be civil and defiant, truly living by the words: “You can say anything you want to anyone as long as you say it in the right way”.

He credits his 6th grade teacher for making him a writer, one day shortly after his grandmother had passed away Anthony was having difficultly adjusting. She pulled him aside and told him it would be okay and he could write until he felt better. So he did, and soon found a love for writing. It was safe it was powerful and it was his. He kept on writing into his high school years until he met yet another teacher who would alter his course. It was in high school he became a playwrite as well as a poet, finding ways to leverage words against his readers to draw them into new and sometimes uncomfortable places. His poem “The Clowns” brought his class to a frenzy with thought, and conversation. He was barely learning how to use his words. It was also in high school that he was truly introduced to hip hop. While he will admit to knowing all the words to “Regulate” by Waren G and “Ain’t No Fun” by Snoop, he always states he never related to hip hop until he listened to “Things Fall Apart” the classic album by The Roots. He states simply “It was music, beautiful music, and I was hooked”. Prior to that his musical taste still had a large range Michael Jackson to Pink Floyd, The Bee Gees to Jimi Hendrix, Garth Brooks to Areosmith. Music was his life.

It was at the end of high school he started to experiment mixing his poetics with jazzy rhythems attempting to be like his then idol Mos Def. Much like most aspiring mc’s he was less than stellar, and often found himself being laughed at and for many years found even some of his closest people telling him to NEVER rap, to give up. So he did…

The summer of 2007, Anthony found himself at a desk for a large corporate bank living the life of paid sick days and 401k’s. The american dream to most people… but a stagnant depressing place for him. While he gained a wealth of knowledge he found himself feeling out of place. In a dying relationship he was desperate to find some relief, and he found it in a group of teenagers he lovingly refers to as the “Garage Gang” or GYG (an inside joke referencing Fat Alberts JYG/Junk Yard Gang). They would ask him to freestyle over various beats, and songs in exchange for smoking him out or giving him a blunt for the ride home. It’s here where he credits Brandon Gernux, and Kevin for giving him a 2nd chance to step into the role of MC. Brandon enjoyed reading Anthony’s poems via myspace, and asked him to record over one of Kevin’s beats. One ember fueled a fire and within weeks he was recording his first mixed tape “Loss Prevention”. Terrible and rough but full of life “Loss Prevention” ended up in the hands of DaiOne of Illegal Productions. DaiOne and Anthm forged a friendship, and a partnership that produced “Gemini Sun” a mixed tape of work in progress material, and one verse songs. “Gemini Sun” however was released almost 3 years after it had been recorded due to strained circumstances, but as Anthm is quoted in saying “Better here late than never at all”

Presently Anthm has teamed up with EQ of North East Los Angeles. and has completed his work on the highly anticapated album “The Dawn”. Executively produced by EQ it seems Anthm has finally found his identity within hip hop, crediting EQ’s toutalige, and coaching. Anthm has made a silent but effective debut on the LA underground scene already performing at both years “Soulstyce” as well as being nominated for Urban Underground’s Best Male MC two years in a row. Anthm now finds himself poised to be heard across the nation.

“I’m not concerned with making a hip hop banger or a dance song… I’m only concerned with making the best music possible… I want my music to be timeless” Striving to hit home he caters and plays with emotions and feelings, trusting his beat choice to grab you and his words to keep you always looking for a connection. Warm hearted and well intentioned Anthm likens himself to the sun and assures us that this is a new dawn in hip hop… and it will be a wonderful morning.