This is the record that introduced RisingSons Independent as a record label. A compilation that feels like an actual story with smooth transitions from track to track.
We released only 100 limited physical copies of this record and gave everyone at our release party first dibs on getting a copy before they ran out. Now with an even more limited supply you can order a copy online or support us with a digital download.
The entire record and each track is set to a price that you entirely control.
And if you ever wondered where you money goes when purchasing a record, well…here’s the breakdown:
•Full record purchase-
Budgeting larger events, booking your favorite rapper, releasing more of our artists music/records, free stuff like stickers, we love giving back to you!
•Individual songs:
100% of that money goes directly to the artist that you downloaded a song from. They can then buy you dinner with that money…


released 08 October 2013
Record Label: RisingSons Independent
Catalog: RisingSons Independent.013
Executive Producers: B.Borisoff, J.May, W,Merle
Mixed and Mastered by: Blake A. Borisoff @ RisingSons Indie Home Studios, Los Angeles CA (Using Logic Pro)

Executive Producers:
B.Borisoff, J.May, W.Merle

Graphic Design By:
Jon May

Original Tiki Art By:
Petey Agapito