Another  project for the lovely people that have been supporting Analog Dive from day one. Happy Endings Ep has a more universal taste as far as musical interest goes. The idea behind the name is to be happy with whatever happens in life. Whether it’s good or bad you just have to smile at the outcome, which is exactly how the album art concept came about when collaborating with Nora Martin-Hall. With a mom holding up a mutated baby with tentacles, she’s oddly smiling. Hence forth shes Happy with what she has, Happy Endings. Be on the look out for possibly another free Ep or maybe or full length album “Rebuild The Moon”. Analog Dive’s next projects are being talked about right now, and we will be making some announces soon!
Much Aloha
(From, Analog Dive)

•Artwork By: Nora Martin-Hall

Catalog: RisingSons Independent.006