Urban Luau

Here it is!!!!
Our brand spankin’ new event that we’re bringing to The DragonflyWe introduce to you, Urban Luau! Like all our events, this one will be tied together with visual art. The new elements we’re bringing together is the food, live bands, and drink specials. Hip-Hop is not the only genre of music we listen to, and we’d like to share that with you. We’re teaming up with East Los Musubi & Poke Party to bring you some ono (delicious) food to grind (eat) all night to keep that Luau vibe going throughout the event. If you don’t know what a Musubi or Poke is, your mouth hasn’t had an orgasm yet…
Drink specials!
These are gonna be fun! We are going to announce drink specials sporadically throughout the night that will last only for a short duration of time. The only way you can get these drink specials is by heading to The Dragonfly’s facebook page to acquire a special password that will be posted on their wall. For example, The Dragonfly posts “Sweaty Balls” as one of the passwords on their timeline once we make the announcement, you shout out “Sweaty Balls” to the bartender, you get a $4 drink.
We’re super excited about this and I’m sure you eclectic people will be too. Can’t wait for May 29th, and with tickets online for only $5 you should snag um now!  Do that HERE
We’ll be announcing the full lineup of bands tomorrow, but for now we’ll give you a taste of the headliners, We The Folk: