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One Be Lo Of Binary Star Headlines The First LA Got Aloha Of 2014

One Be Lo Of Binary Star Headlines The First LA Got Aloha Of 2014

It’s official! One Be Lo of Binary Star will be headlining the very first LA Got Aloha of 2014! Usually we don’t pull off two LA Got Aloha events one after the other, but this one is a little different. After our cash box was stolen at the end of 2013 during our 2 Year anniversary we launched an indiegogo campaign. We did this in hopes to get back to where we left off in order to keep the events going. We promised that we would put on a free LA Got Aloha event if we hit our goal. After receiving an overwhelming amount of support throughout the course of our campaign, we were able obtain sponsorships, and musicians willing to donate their time to the event. Because of them, and “YOU”, we decided to put on the LA Got Aloha event no matter the end results!
This doesn’t mean we’re done with the campaign. We have 6 days left to hit our goal, and there’s plenty of reasons in doing so!
  1. If we hit our goal, the event will be FREE to anyone who contributes.
  2. You receive rewards for contributing. Anything from stickers, CDs, exclusive hats, limited edition albums, T-Shirts, art, free entry into multiple events, and much more.
  3. We’re lucky enough to have received so much support towards this event in order to put it on. This doesn’t mean we’ll get this lucky next time. We definitely want to be able to pay all the necessary people and fund the next string of events on our own. This is why we need to get back to where we were at.

No matter what happens at the end of our campaign, let’s finish this strong! We’ve been very happy with the results so far, and are very appreciative towards the love and support 🙂
Much Aloha to Stay Illuminated as well as The Sunny Days & Vibes Crew for helping make this event a reality.
Please take some time to head over to our #HelpRSI Indiegogo  page, and even make a contribution if you can.
Click HERE to head over to our campaign.

For RSVP & Event Page Click HERE

If you haven’t heard of One Be Lo check out his music for “The ANT (i matter)” here:

You might recognize One Be Lo from his group Binary Star:

Supporting One Be Lo on the Aloha Stage is Wake Self: