“Hot Sauce” makes it’s Los Globos Debut with Pigeon John!!!

“Hot Sauce” makes it’s Los Globos Debut with Pigeon John!!!

Right as we had the gears cranking for our new “Hot Sauce” event which debuted at The Dragonfly in September, we had to put things on a slight pause. Due to some unfortunate complications at the venue that LA Got Aloha and all our other amazing RSI events grew up in, we had to find a new home, and that new home is Los Globos! We’re kicking things off in a big way at our new Silver Lake casa by bringing Pigeon John as the headlining act. After listening to his new record, “Good Sinner”, we decided to give PJ a call to hear his thoughts on headlining a night of indie rock, while also having a live band backing his own set. He was all for it! Hot Sauce, which is presented by us truly and the venue itself debuts at Los Globos on December 21st! Join us for something unique and fun enjoying a night of live bands and art.

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