Get Leid At The Door? Discounts?

Get Leid At The Door? Discounts?

I know, it’s been a while since you’ve got Leid…
But don’t worry, LA Got Aloha is next Saturday (December 21st)!
And at LA Got Aloha we all know you’re guaranteed to get Leid right when you walk through the door.

Also don’t forget that if you where Aloha attire to the show you get a discount at the door:
•Aloha Short
•Lauhala Hat (Straw Hat)
•Surf Shorts
•Rubbah Slippah’s (Flip Flops)
•Hula Skirt
•Coconut Bra
Or get Creative!


If you haven’t purchased your tickets for our 2 Year Anniversary of LA Got Aloha Feat. Rakka & Dj Babu w/ supporting act Gavlyn then you can do so by clicking HERE