The First LA Got Aloha Of 2014 Is Happening!

The First LA Got Aloha Of 2014 Is Happening!

Because of all the crazy amount of support we’ve been receiving in 2014 we want to do something special for ya’ll. After hearing about how our cash box was stolen at our last event, some really amazing people jumped on board to help make the next LA Got Aloha happen no matter what! Thanks to The Sunny Days & Vibes crew, Stay Illuminated, and a handful of others, LA Got Aloha will go down on March 26th at The Dragonfly in Hollywood! The event will happen whether or not we hit our indiegogo campaign goal. This does not mean we are set for the following LA Got Aloha event, so we still need your support on our ‪#‎HelpRSI‬ campaign.
Here’s how the event on March 26th will work:
If we hit our goal the event will be FREE for anyone who contributes. Otherwise you’ll have to pay at the door or get tickets.
With that being said, we have a pretty killer lineup which you can view on the flyer above this post. As usual we like to keep you guessing who the headliner is, so let’s hear who you think will be headlining the first LA Got Aloha of 2014! We’ll announce the headliner on Monday when the flyer comes to life and goes full color!

Head over to our Indiegogo campaign page to make a contribution. If you’re going to the event anyway minus well make a contribution. Do that and you get in FREE if we hit our goal, get perks/rewards for your contribution, and you’ll be helping us continue our event.
Contribute Here:

Head over to our Facebook event page by clicking HERE

Thank you everyone!