RSI Got Aloha Now Available To The World!

RSI Got Aloha Now Available To The World!

For all the good folks that missed out on getting your hands on our limited edition RSI Got Aloha debut compilation record at our release party, we got good news for you. We’ve made you wait long enough, and now RSI Got Aloha is available to the world! With a start of only 100 copy’s that will never be printed again, you can imagine how low that number is now. So head over to our ONLINE STORE and order yourself a limited edition physical copy, or support us with a download.

Now, we got something cool going on with our online orders. Ever Wonder where your money goes when you purchase a record?
Well…we’re the kind of record label that let’s you know exactly where it’s going.20130924_171810
Here’s the breakdown:

  • Full record purchase:
    Budgeting larger events, booking your favorite rapper, releasing more of our artists music/records, free stuff like stickers, we love giving back to you!
  • Individual songs:
    100% of that money goes directly to the artist that you downloaded a song from. They can then buy you dinner with that money…

Order a Physical Copy of RSI Got Aloha or an RSI Got Aloha T-Shirt
You get an immediate download of the record while you’re waiting for it in the mail

Other Places To Find Our Record Online: