Ohana Tree 01.25.12: Full Event Run Down (FREE Drinks, FREE CDs, Roster)

FREE drink deals, Beer Pong, Live Rap, Art, Body Art, and 3 rooms w/ Djs!? Yup that’s Ohana Tree. Jan.25th marks the second Ohana Tree event that we are putting together at the amazing Dragonfly venue in Hollywood, CA. It’s also our first event of the year and we are doing it BIG (like everyone else says O_o), by having the event as Analog Dives release party.

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors that are helping the wheels roll!
RisingSons Independent, Wreckon Clothing, City West Tow & Service, Eddie Seven Archive, & Ever Ready Records

Get familiar with all the musical talent that will be participating in Ohana Tree on Jan.25th:
»»»(To read more about the event including how to get FREE drinks, play drinking games, and how to get an exclusive FREE copy of Analog Dives Happy Endings Ep, there is a detailed description portion underneath the artists links at the very bottom on this post)»»»»

Beat Ventriloquists:

Analog Dive:
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Seven Day:
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Apex MK:


Seoul Starr:
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Justin V:

Dae Zhen:

Tony Swoops:

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Drinking Games & Free Drinks?:
-There will be Beer Pong table at our event. Yes you do have to buy beer at the venue if you want to play Beer Pong with Beer in the cups. No you don’t have to play with Beer, you can play with water in the cups if you want to save money (only cool kids play with beer though :P).
-If you arrive at the venue before 9:30pm you get a FREE drink with your cover charge
-Play “The Siamese Drink Ticket Game”
First 50 people to arrive at the Dragonfly will receive a Puzzle Piece at the front door. Each piece has a number on the back with another piece having a matching number. The incentive to this game is to have people socialize. So you have to walk around the venue and find the person with your matching number. You then walk with this person to the merchandise table and trade it for drink tickets that you can take to the bar for a FREE drink. There will only be a total of 3 winners!!!

If you haven’t been to our events before here’s a run down of what to expect for Ohana Tree Jan.25th Release Party w/ Analog Dive:
Even if you don’t like Hip-Hop you’ll definitely enjoy your night at Ohana Tree. Our events attract such a diverse cultural crowd and with all the art and music that you’ll be drenched in, it makes it very easy to socialize. Some of the live painters come in with a blank canvas and fill it up at the end of the night with a beautiful piece of art. The patio will have music provided by Dj Nice Gi that you can chill and dance to if you decide you want to escape from all the heavy Hip-Hop performances going on inside the venue. The Second stage is a well lighted room with more art and performances by mainly Djs & Scratch Djs. There will also be an open scratch session inviting all Djs to show their turntable skills on the Ones & Twos. The main stage consists of live hip-hop performers and Dj spinning in between sets. Since it’s a release party, we want to emphasize on the “PARTY”, so we will be having the amazing Beat Ventriloquist Dj the night away from 11:55-2am.

FREE copies of Analog Dives Happy Endings Ep?:
If you come to Ohana Tree on Jan25th you will be there first to hear Analog Dives soon to be released Happy Endings Ep. You will also be 1 out of 100 people to own a physical copy with original cover art by Nora Martin-Hall. They are keeping this release very exclusive by not releasing any full content of the songs anywhere and are only pressing up 100 copies. They will be handed out only at 11:55pm after their set on the main stage of the Dragonfly. There will be a donation box at the merchandise table if you want to contribute toward future FREE Analog Dive releases.