Ohana Tree | Analog Dives Release Party 2012

It was another night of success, filled with blissful people laughing together, sharing what they felt about that painting.  People danced to the beats of Seoul Star, as she rocked the stage with her brother Satilite Rok. Passing by, we lingered around along with a huge crowed of people watching the hands of Nora Martin-Hall brushing over tracings of a mysterious woman.  Sliding through the crowd grooving to the sounds of the Beat Ventriloquist, others socialized to find their other half as they played the Siamese Drink Tickets.  Photos snapped left and right as the body art models  swayed through the crowd, smiling, leaving you with a heart filled with glee.  Outside where the stars glazed and the lights dimmed low, with Proto progressing with his piece, interrupted by the smell of ones embrace over a handful of Spam Musubi’s whom he’s sharing with friends. Every room was different, the second stage even felt like a house party with Tony Swoops spinning Dub Step and attendees playing beer pong. Everyone as an artist did an amazing job! When Analog Dive hit the stage the crowed was loud and filled with smiles. They were so loud that at times you couldn’t even hear the intro to some of their songs. Once they got off stage they handed out free copies of there newly released Happy Endings Ep. If you missed the chance to get a copy you can download the digital version here:
The night was one not to be missed, but if you did, don’t worry because March 9th, RSI Wreckon Productions will be presenting LA Got Aloha, our Bi-Annual event held at The Dragonfly venue in Hollywood.  Bring all as we continue to share the aloha with you, our Ohana.