LA Got Aloha – March 9th – Recap

I can’t believe LA Got Aloha has gotten to the point where it is now, and I can’t wait to see where it goes in the future. Our first Friday at the Dragonfly, (March 9th) proved to be another memorable and pivotal moment in my life. We went from a warehouse with a broken toilet and getting excited to bring 80 people, to hitting 400 people on our first Friday. Every single piece of art and every musician that hit the stage was phenomenal, and almost the entire RisingSons Independent collective performed that night.  A good friend of mine, Creed Chameleon, came down from Arizona (originally from Hawaii). He not only performed, but also introduced me to Tassho Pearce, a legend in the Hawaiian Hip Hop scene, who also performed that night. There was so much to celebrate, not only was it Justin V & Lovelin’s birthday, it was Anthms “The Dawn” album release party. To top off the night with Trek Life Anthms "The Dawn"headlining the main stage, and Rakaa of Dilated Peoples jumping in on a few tracks with Tassho Pearce, three of my idols were live painting right next to each other by the main stage.

I remember when    we (Analog Dive)  got on stage I looked to my right and I saw Lefty Joe, Nora Martin Hall, and Eric Domenden all painting next to each other with what seemed to be permanent smiles on their faces. It was so cool seeing both L.A. and Hawaiian cultures intermingling in one room.


We had girls giving out leis at the front door to every attendee, lips were stained red from the Li Hing Mui margaritas, people were throwing up shakas and chanting out their “CheeeHuus” (Hawaii’s version of “Woohoo”). Another great night where no fight broke out, not even bickering, only smiles to pass around for days and laughter to share with newly made friends. Looking around, I found it impossible for anyone to get bored. Along with the full line up on the main stage and dancing on the patio, we had live painting and unique art pieces placed everywhere around the venue. To top that off you would wind up in the second room of the venue, which had Martha Parra doing body art on a gorgeous canvas. In the background you had the amazing Tony Swoops rocking the 1’s & 2’s with the Handroidz that later came onto the stage, leading into an amazing open scratch session with talented turntabalists from all over Los Angeles. Another crazy part of the night was when I went out to the patio to talk to James of the Beat Ventriloquists and looked out to what was a snake pit of happy people dancing their asses off! This LA Got Aloha was by far the best one yet and I’m very glad to have shared it with so many good people. So again, thank you very much to everyone who attended and participated in the event and helping it become what it is now. Let’s see how much further we can push the limits of what we can do towards these events. I can promise you that we (RisingSons Independent & Wreckon Clothing) are putting every ounce of our energy and hearts into making sure you guys have an amazing time!  In the process integrating Hawaiian culture into the L.A. lifestyle would be another bonus, Hawaii Hip Hop deserves a universal place in the music industry. If you missed this event, well then you missed out! You’ll have to wait another 6 months, but until then I’ll see you at our next event Ohana Tree which will be May 4th, our first Friday for the event

I’m grateful to have such an amazing crew by my side, without them i’d be lost. 
Much Aloha
-Blake Borisoff (RSI Wreckon event Coordinator)
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