LA Got Aloha 1 Year Anniversary Recap

LA Got Aloha 1 Year Anniversary Recap

As we look back on this first year of our journey, the starting line is almost out of site.  It is mind-blowing to see all the mile stones we’ve made, and how rapidly we continue to progress.  It was just over a year ago that LA Got Aloha was born, and to say the least, this baby is one fast learner.  Blake Borisoff (founder of RisingSons Independent) started the LA Got Aloha event without the slightest clue that it would have such a great response.  With that success of LA Got Aloha spawned Ohana Tree, a sister event with similar styles of entertainment and tied together through art.  At these last two events, we have consecutively shattered the previous attendee records going from 400 to 500 and recently just under 600 (capacity) at The Dragonfly Bar.  With this kind of momentum, it looks like LA Got Aloha is taking its stand and making its place in the LA circuit.

Much Aloha (Thanks) to everyone that participated and attended our 1 year anniversary of LA Got Aloha with Eligh. From the people throwing their hands up, the photographers, bar tenders, musicians, artists, the whole nine, thank you!
Special Thanks to:
Wreckon Clothing for teaming up with us and helping coordinate the entire event. Congratulations on releasing your first line of clothing, and throwing your release party at LA Got Aloha.
The entire RSI team that help turn the wheels on this gigantic bus. These event’s wouldn’t be what they are without your input of passion and hard work.
•Willy, Mireya, Lovelin, Timbo, Eddie
And of course our amazing sponsors

•All About The Bread •Assemble Media •Pineapple Clan •Farmers Market Hawaii •Julz On The Go •Eddieseven photography •High Depth •La Steeze •Work it LA