Help LA Got Aloha & RSI Get Back On Its Feet

Help LA Got Aloha & RSI Get Back On Its Feet

Be a huge part in helping LA Got Aloha & RSI Back On It’s Feet.
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Help our record label, RisingSons Independent, as well as our LA Got Aloha event get back on it’s feet. On Saturday, December 21st after an amazing night celebrating our 2 year anniversary of LA Got Aloha, we realized that our cash box was stolen. LA Got Aloha is a Hawaiian themed Hip-Hop event tied together by all forms of visual art. By wearing aloha attire, you receive a discounted ticket and upon entering the venue you’re greeted by Hula girls that get you Lei’d.  You’ll find artists who turn blank canvases into art by the end of the night, themed props, eat some Hawaiian food and enjoy tropical specialty drinks. We even bring performers from Hawaii to hit the stage, creating a strong bridge of opportunity for any talent from the Islands. RisingSons Independent is a company built to create events like this. After years of hard work we’ve turned the company into a record label with the intent to help our friends and share the music we love.

We put everything into all of our events, especially with this last one being our 2 year anniversary party of LA Got Aloha. Because of the tremendous overhead we put into our shows, along with merchandise sales, we took a really big loss. The money that was stolen on December 21st was supposed to help fund the next 2 events and  produce records. Of course this is a huge blow to everyone involved with the company and its events, but we are looking at moving towards a positive direction. We worked too damn hard to give up now, and are fully aware that quitting is not an option in any way.

These events have helped so many people, as well as ourselves, accomplish dreams in a very positive way. Unlike many promotion businesses in Los Angeles, we don’t make any of our artists pay out of their pockets for not selling the required amount of tickets (“pay to play”). We have even given each and every artist an opportunity to get paid without getting paid ourselves. Instead of envisioning how much money we can make off an event, coming up with ways to help an artist always comes first.

Since we started doing events, I haven’t put any of the profit to personal use. I have a day job which takes care of my rent, food, bills, etc. My own money is kept very separate from event money. Like myself, a majority of the people behind the creation of these events are artists. This is why there is so much passion and effort put into every event. Every cent gets reinvested into creating larger shows with the promise of sustaining quality without ever selling out.

We all want to see more of these events and hear amazing music. Without the proper funding, producing the next string of events will be extremely difficult. The support so far has been surreal, and genuinely appreciated. With this Indiegogo success, we can ensure to get back on our feet while the momentum is here. Our public goal is set at $3,500.  When reached, we will put on an entirely free LA Got Aloha event as a token of our appreciation at the Dragonfly in Hollywood mid March. With that being said, take a look at our contribution options to the right, and be a big part of helping LA Got Aloha and RisingSons Independent get back on its feet!

Other Ways You Can Help

We’ve all been in tough spots (like right now) and understand if you can’t donate right now.  Regardless, you can still help! Do us a favor and help us spread the word about this campaign.  Indiegogo has made it easy to share on your facebook page, twitter or other social networks. Go even further – text friends, blog about it, talk to people about it.  This isn’t your average music fundraiser.  Let’s raise awareness about it within our communities.

RisingSons Independent & LA Got Aloha would not exist without our loyal supporters and we can’t tell you how much you mean to us.

Much Aloha!

-Blake Borisoff
(Founder of RisingSons Independent & LA Got Aloha)