Recap of Ohana Tree 8•3•12 Feat. Pigeon John

Recap of Ohana Tree 8•3•12 Feat. Pigeon John

          What a wonderful sight it is when people from all walks (what some might call strangers) come together and establish a sense of family for the night, based solely on the connection through shared passion and interests. Egos get left at the door, hearts are worn on sleeves, and new friendships are rooted that will flourish into life long relationships.  In this big city where interactions with others can often times seem only surface deep, it’s nice to enter an environment of no judgement, and instead, an abundance of aloha.  At the August 3rd Ohana Tree, it was just that.

          Everyone was on point that night with what ever their craft may have been.  Emcee’s were blessing the crowd’s, vinyl was sizzling, and the visual artists were making their master pieces.  “Impressed” seemed to be the word floating around that night as guests wondered throughout the venue.  These events have been much like a child, they started off small without a whole lot of coordination, and have been consistently growing ever since.  This event turn out had a 20% increase from any previous RSI/Wreckon event ever. As this child grows older, these events have no choice but to naturally grow bigger and better!  The next event will be the one year anniversary of “LA GOT ALOHA”, and the release of WRECKON’s Clothing Line so its sure to go off!  What headliner will we get this time? Stay tuned!

                                                                             Pigeon John

                                                                                   P R O T O

Lightning Cloud

Wall to wall action!!!

Big shout out to our sponsors for making these events possibe, without your whole hearted support these events would not be possible!

Eddie Seven

RisingSons Independent

Wreckon Clothing

High Depth Clothing

Deceased Soul

Luv My Hats

Jewels On The Go

LA Steeze

We want to thank everyone for coming out and helping our events become what they are! We see no limits, and hope to see you at the next one on 10•5•12 for WRECKON’s release party at “LA GOT ALOHA’s” one year anniversary! Stay tuned for the updates!