The first single to drop off the Has No Friends Ep. A song about not letting the world beat you down and to rather just smile back at it, no matter how evil it gets.


released 12 June 2014
Record Label: RisingSons Independent
Catalog: RisingSons Independent.016
2014 All rights reserved, RisingSons Independent LLC
Executive Producers: Blake A. Borisoff, Zach McMinimy, William Merle
Produced: Kelii L. Behasa @ His House, Kailua Kona HI (Using Fruity Loops)
All Lyrics written and rapped by: Blake A. Borisoff except Gadzooks verse, he writes his own shit…
Mixed & Mastered by: Blake A. Borisoff @ RisingSons Indie Home Studios, Los Angeles CA
Assistance Engineer: Carlos Trujillo & William Merle

Original Cover Art By: Edrok One (Eddie Flores)