Everything on your mind all at once…


Verse 1: Analog Dive

Seeing red like a bull in a pin feeling trapped
With all these wanna be rolling stones trying to paint it black
I feel like a bull in a china shop trying to stay calm
Clenching these fist feels like I’m holding a bomb
These sound cloud brats, all these rappers that want
fame without the love, all the wrong reasons to flaunt
Get me out this rodeo, I’m done with these clowns
I wanna move to the mountains not hear another sound
crushed by debt, these credit cards are poison
So are the people that see other people like toilets
I’m tossing in bed all I’m thinking is death
Because some of my friends will never take another breath
that’s cancer in breast, that’s car accidents
That’s life at it’s best am I set to be next
being alive is the biggest game of Russian Roulette
if you were evil you could even sit and place bets


I’m going through my mind
like I’m stuck on the sideline
When is my time
about to walk out on my my mind

Verse 2: FreeWill

They told me take a deep breath, that it relieves stress,
Something to hold on to when i’m goin off the deep end.
My weakness said to stay in my position,
But theres nothing better than a little friendly competition.
Man I’m vet’d on a mission, palms wet, sweat drippin
You aint ever gonna get it. You’re the biggest fuckin critic
shit i’ll live it till I’m livid pushing daisies, or get crickets
From a stadium, when I came here to rage with em…ok, I get it
My mind struggles not to fall into submission,
this the fight of my whole life I should be calling the decision.
Dig this shit so much it built a tunnel to my vision
Ya but listen, realistic, this ain’t coming to fruition.
Shout out to my people out there running through the trenches
Bussing tables buffing dishes for a lame ass fuckin business
Breaking glasses, paying taxes, while they play the fuckin victim…
now come on put your fist up, say it with me, “Fuck the system”.


released August 5, 2017
Written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by: Blake Borisoff & William Merle at The Cabin in Los Angeles, CABeat Produced by: Kelii Behasa in Kailua Kona, HIGraphic Design by Blake Borisoff
Catalog: RisingSons Independent .026