Painters Hands is definitely one of the most abstract songs that I have on the Ep. I wanted to create a song to where someone can experience the thought process of an artist as they are creating a painting. Describing the imagination.


Catalog: RisingSons Independent.018
Executive Producers: B. Borisoff, K. Rojas, M. Merle
Produced: Kelii L. Behasa @ His House, Kailua Kona HI (Using Fruity Loops)
All lyrics written and rapped by: B. Borisoff & K. Rojas.
All scratches (turntable work) by: B. Borisoff
Additional vocals by: Jessica Arkoff
Mixed & Mastered by: Blake A. Borisoff @ RisingSons Indie Home Studios, Los Angeles CA
Original Cover Art By:
Edrok One (Eddie Flores) Guest Appearances By:
Kristofer Rojas