My earliest brush with my arts was learning playing an instrument. I realized that being able to create something unique gave me a really great sense of accomplishment. From that point on, my life was guided toward other creative endeavors and even joined Analog Dive onstage as a DJ and backup vocals at many of their early performances. Performing onstage meant coming up with a stage name which is where EDdie Seven came from. Its a combination of my birth name Edwardo Saucedo and the year I was born, 1987. I began taking photographs as a hobby but that changed when some of my BMX friends started asking me to take pictures of them to submit to their sponsors. I realized that making a career out of photography would require sharpening my skills so I began courses at Santa Monica College. It challenges me to be around so many creative people “shouts to Suspend Magazine” whether musicians, action sports athletes (what up LAX fam!) or photographers and that drives me to create things that are different, unique and inspiring. I decided to keep the EDdie Seven name as my brand under which I introduce others to my artistic vision.