[~.~]✿ ᵃᴸᵒᴴᵃ
-“–“-What L.A. Got Aloha is about: 

» What does “Aloha” mean? It means love in Hawaiian (and a bunch of other nice things)… L.A. Got LOVE! Concept behind the event is to share the love and talents within all forms of independent art and the hard work that artists put into their passion.

LA Got Aloha is an annual event so don’t miss next year!… We’ll be sure to keep you posted on the dates!

We hope you’ll come join us, support the artists, come chill, have a drink and just hang loose! We hope to have and share the aloha spirit among each and everyone of you along with the friends, acquaintances and possible new strong bond relationships we’re all bound to run into throughout all our events.

Much ɱahaʟσ,