Formerly known as Creed Chameleon, Kristofer Rojas is the newest artist to be signed to RSI Records.  Rojas, who describes his music as conscious hip hop, uses his intricate rhymes and melodic tunes to express his views and passions to listeners, making him relatable as an artist and a person.  This desire to reveal his true self and to be someone his audience could identify with is a primary reason he dropped his former stage name.

DSC_0461Rojas grew up in Hawaii where he discovered Run DMC at age ten.  After falling in love with hip hop after listening to “Walk This Way,” he knew that he wanted to use the hip hop forum to show music lovers that Hawaii’s hip hop artists could hold their own with artists from “the mainland.”  After years of using his free time to write his rhymes, he started to record his own rap music and began to bridge the gap between Hawaii and the rest of the world, accomplishing his artistic ambitions and paving the way for other Hawaii-based artists.

Rojas is now based out of Arizona, which has tested his passion and pushed his limits, but has opened many doors for him as a person and as an artist.  Combined with the skills he gained in Hawaii, where his knowledge and talent were strengthened by learning to persevere despite the lack of resources on the island, Rojas’ talent and passion make him an artist to be reckoned with, one RSI is proud to count among its roster of talent.  After spending time in the hip hop game, touring and performing in various shows, Rojas is also excited about the doors RSI can open for him and the professional growth he looks forward to gaining as a result.

You can catch Rojas and many other talented RSI artists on the RSI Got Aloha compilation, debuting September 25, 2013.
Listen to Kristofer Rojas brand new track off the debut compilation record titled Blast: